mammoth [mam-uth]


 an advertising agency of innovating ideas
in creative advertising, marketing and design (music
 any of various extinct elephants of the genus Mammuthus,  having long,
upwardly curving tusks and thick hair.
Mammoths grew to great size and lived throughout the Northern Hemisphere
during the ice age.

(The American Heritage® Science Dictionary)

 immensely large, huge, enormous:
a mammoth organization 

mammoth agency was created in August 2009. Provides a wide range of high quality,
music management, marketing, advertising and design services.
We understand marketing, advertising and design as a whole,
as a natural process of thinking and creating, endorsing the creation process of nature.
Marketing is the seed, the original idea that is born, to create a product or a service.
Advertising and it’s means actually are the growing of this seed to sproot.
It promotes the original idea, the product or the service.
Design gives form to the idea, is the final product, that reaches the consumer. 
The process  is  completed,  the simple seed is a now a full grown plant,
the original idea is now a completed product or a service.

The natural process of thinking and creating…

strategy & communication/promotion/PR/market research/photoshooting/
video clips/audio recordings/events
press & magazine/outdoor/media
brand identity/packaging/web site/internet/decoration/architecture design/constructions

mammoth agency: team & partners
advertising/ music management/ managing director: thanos karapoulios -
larisa, greece (tk@mammoth.gr)
artistic director/music: achillefs sourlas - berlin, germany (ad@mammoth.gr)
music management: yiannis gogolos - thessaloniki, greece (yg@mammoth.gr)

 turkish branch associate: aycan dagistanli - antalya, turkey

graphic design: mpampis kalaitzidis (kimolia graphics)
programming: the smalls team
architecture design: 
printing: ladopoulos, mountzoura

menu consultant/cuisine projects: ilias kokkoris
legal advisor: giorgis anastasiou
logistics: thanasis tzouanas


Contact us

t.0030 2410 549702 f.0030 2410 549703 e. info@mammoth.gr

anth. gazi & galinou str. 2, larissa, greece, p.o. 41222